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Judo Inc offers judo classes in Milwaukee, WI

What is Judo?


Judo is a combative sport that resembles wrestling. Matches are won by controlling an opponent through the use of special throwing techniques, hold downs and submissions. Since initially appearing in the 1964 Olympics, judo has developed into a popular individual international sport.


Although physically demanding, judo is a lot of fun. Within our disciplined curriculum, the first rule at Judo Inc. is to have fun. Judo training develops speed, power, timing, agility, flexibility, endurance, body control and split second reflexes. Properly trained judo practitioners are among the most physically fit athletes.


Learning Life Skills Through Judo Skills


The challenges and demands of judo classes and training will positively transfer to success in other aspects of life. The attitudes developed will enhance achievement in school, jobs and personal interactions.

What Will You Need?


Our judo instructors like to see a positive attitude and willingness to face a good challenge. For those in need of judo uniforms, our establishment offers its own brand of uniform, Judo Star ®. Beyond the uniform, additional equipment is unnecessary for judo.


Why Choose Us?


  • Specialized Judo Instruction for Boys and Girls age 4 and Up, Teens and Adults!
  • Conveniently Located, Clean, Modern Facility
  • Air Conditioning, Lockers, Showers, and Abundant Parking

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Judo Inc is a martial arts store in Milwaukee, WI


7818 N Teutonia Ave,

Brown Deer, WI 53209

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